Rekindle at the Museum

December 4 2:00 to 4:00 pm

It's that time of year again! We're excited to see Rekindle taking over Rossland again this Saturday, December 4th.
Here at the Museum, we'll be participating with a super-special holiday-themed STEAM activity: sleigh engineering! Drop by the Museum between 2 pm and 4 pm to take part in the activity. Prizes going to the sleigh that flies the farthest! Stop in for some holiday treats and hot chocolate and soak up the spirit of Christmas - open 10-5pm by donation! Deck Out Santa's Sleigh! Join us in giving the reindeer a break by taking Santa's sleigh to the next level.

Come craft your best mini sleigh for Santa. Once complete, sleigh builders will be helped to attach a balloon and straw to their innovation and a string track set-up for testing. We will release the balloon filled with air and measure the distance they can make Santa's sleigh "fly". Whoever has the greatest distance recorded by day's end will win two free admissions to the Museum and some hearty congratulations on social media following the event!

This STEAM Saturday, themed for the Rossland Rekindle event, is a fun-filled opportunity to consider and discuss concepts such as Propulsion, Aerodynamics and Newton's Second Law - all while lending a hand to Santa and his trusty reindeer just in time for the Christmas season.


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